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 My Gold Standard Service Guarantee
     Never a hidden fee
  Treat you like we'd like to be treated
  Respond to your calls and emails
      within one business day
  Explain the process and set clear
  Always look out for your best interest -
      should rates drop, I'll be the first to
      let you know

Recommended by my customers. . . .

 "Todd is a professional, considerate man who is knowledgeable and resourceful especially when it comes to residential financing and the making things happen. You will have to look long and hard to find someone as deserving of your business. I have worked with him, referred my family friends and customers to him and he has always been responsive and professional."
- Matt G. 02/17/2014
"Todd is professional in a warm and friendly manner. I had had more than one mortgages completed through his services. He is extremely bright and knowledgable of the mortgage business. He is prompt to return calls and when I ask a question or he asks me he never makes me feel foolish for not knowing more about it. I totally trust Todd and his suggestions so much that I referred him to my daughter and son-in-law for their mortgage. He exceeds normal requirements and makes it a pleasure doing business with him. Also important is that we were able to obtain the very lowest rates.
- Margaret G. 02/10/2014
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Todd Fisher, Sr. Loan Officer NMLS #8465
North Shore Trust and Savings
2149 W. Roscoe Street, Chicago, IL  60618
Cell:  (312) 315-9321
Office:  (847) 599-7449
Fax:  (773) 857-1640
LO NMLS #8465
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